*One Thing*

The *One Thing* project ~2012

Adding happiness, health, and well being to my family, my community, and the Earth *one thing* at a time.
  1. made art with my family
  2. made a healthy, whole foods meal
  3. used mesh produce bags at the market
  4. bought local, glass bottled milk, & made yogurt
  5. bought bulk foods and used my own cotton bags.
  6. had mama time with Anya, sewing skirts
  7. menu planning for the year
  8. read books with the kids
  9. made zero-waste school lunches
  10. spent time knitting with my mom
  11. bought a used toaster, instead of new
  12. turned in plastic bags for recycling
  13. bought from a local, small business
  14. special time with Anya to the local fabric store
  15. taught 1st grade Sunday school
  16. cooking from scratch all week long
  17. working on 2012 budget, focus on savings
  18. went for a long walk with the kids in the snow
  19. used ceramic cup to buy coffee
  20. used vinegar/water as a cleaner
  21. taking pics to document our life
  22. attending FPU financial seminar
  23. created a home and garden notebook
  24. made yogurt with local glass-bottled milk.
  25. made homemade burgers instead of takeout
  26. keeping interior lights off during the day
  27. bought LED lightbulb
  28. made gift instead of buying
  29. teaching Kane to drive
  30. attended FPU class with Eric
  31. baked homemade bread
  32. prayed with a friend
  33. bought more LED lightbulbs
  34. installed dual flush system
  35. turned down thermostat
  36. organized pantry
  37. bought glass bottled milk
  38. recycled ziploc bags
  39. special time with Rafe
  40. made granola
  41. said no to spending money
  42. bought used instead of new
  43. volunteered at church auction
  44. FPU financial class
  45. made Valentine's instead of buying
  46. homemade birthday card for Eric
  47. used the library instead of buying the book
  48. volunteered in Anya's class and had lunch with her
  49. really discerning needs vs. wants
  50. taught Sunday school
  51. baked cookies instead of buying
  52. FPU financial class, brought my own coffee cup
  53. special time with Gage
  54. used cloth bags
  55. recycled plastic bags
  56. made homemade birthday cards
  57. family party at our house
  58. made zero waste lunches
  59. used mesh produce bags
  60. made homemade clif bars
  61. no-spend March begins
  62. made a cake for auction
  63. bought glass bottled milk
  64. made homemade gift for b-day party
  65. baked all bread and treats for the week
  66. installed a smart-strip
  67. driving the car minimally
  68. helping out in Anya's class
  69. celebrated MIL's birthday
  70. met with other chicken wranglers
  71. baked bread and treats
  72. conserving energy-lights off
  73. coffee with a friend
  74. bought bulk with cloth bags and jars
  75. signed up for green-power
  76. volunteered for Cub fundraiser
  77. more LED lightbulbs
  78. made my family's favorite, Pancit
  79. thrifted clothes for Anya
  80. baked bread, made yogurt
  81. letting go of unfruitful activity. done. :~)

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