Tuesday, January 15, 2013

simple corners.

I really hate to use the word minimalist, because for most people there is a negative connotation there. For me a minimalist home is airy and relaxed, with room to breathe. Some walls left intentionally empty to give space in a busy home. A few carefully chosen, cherished pieces displayed and honored. Books neatly organized in one central location. A calm and relaxing color palette on walls and textiles. Figuring out exactly what you need to be comfortable, and freeing yourself of the rest, in order to create much needed space.

For a start, I found the perfect white paint color for us. We tried true white and it just didn't work. We settled on a beautiful warm white called Sandstone Cove from Behr. It is lovely, and it reflects light wonderfully on the walls. So far I have finished 2 walls in the living room (first photo) and our master bathroom. Throughout the coming months, I'll make my way through the rest of the living areas. I am especially excited to get this color into the dining room and stairways. There isn't much natural light in these areas. The paint color right now is quite yellow (second photo), and I can't wait to see how much brighter it will be.

I don't intend to have completely bare walls, but I did consolidate our beloved family photos to one wall. They used to be all over the place, now they line the stairway into our bedroom. This feels just right. We have one large piece of art in the living room as a focal, and a historic photo of our house by the front door. Oh...and the giant TV. Nothing I can do about this, but make the space around it as simple as possible. We have a unavoidable coat rack by the front door that I try to keep tidy, it is hard. That giant blob of coats makes me crazy. It's areas like this that make it necessary to create visual open spaces......the unavoidable necessaries of everyday living.  Plenty of space is taken up in my home with just living. Clutter just makes it all too much. So out the clutter goes.

There is so much to be done.
I started with the living room for a few reasons. It's the first room you see when you enter our home, and we spend a lot of time there. It just made sense. I have a few more changes to make before I move into the dining room. I need to paint one more wall and the ceiling. I'd like to find some fabric for a throw pillow and replace one of the chairs. I would also love to find a place to store our blankets so they thrown all over the place.

I think that the dining room is going to be tough. I have a large bookcase in there, and although it is tidy, there is nothing minimalist about it. Keeping all the books in one area helps though. I will have to just make sure that I keep it organized.
Well, that's it for now. I will post progress as it happens.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. Now I want to paint my house. I have one of those huge tvs, I love your house, and it looks so free open and welcoming. I had a coat hook area once and it drove me batty as well :)

  2. Simple & Beautiful. You are so very gifted with a talent for simplicity. Your collage of family photos along the staircase is fantastic.
    A pile of coats, hats, and such near the door has always been an annoyance for me also. Since our garage and driveway are near our back door where our pantry is located, I've converted one side of our pantry into a small coat closet by hanging a dowel rod and installing a shelf above it to hold baskets for hats, gloves & scarves. This has eliminated an unsightly pile near the entries.
    In our old house, an entire wall in our dining room held book shelves that contained our home library. If we had not relocated across the country, I had planned to add doors to the shelving to simplify the look in the room.
    Again, you have a beautiful home - I always enjoy seeing photos of it.

  3. Hi Tami ~ I've been lurking but not posting (smart phones are not always that smart!) but I just had jump on computer to let you know that you are inspiring me! I'm surrounded my chaos and clutter. lol. literally. Mostly my own doing but I will be following along with you as you streamline your living areas and I know I will pick up tips! Blessings!

  4. I haven't visited your blog for a few days, but I love what you are doing to your home. It is so inviting. I love the color of your walls, in fact, I am going to write it down and maybe use it here. We need to do a lot of painting! Enjoy your week and good luck with all your home projects!

  5. Nice work right there. It's awesome how you chose to paint your own home instead of hiring some painters. It just feels more special. Looking forward to your dining room arrangement :)