Thursday, February 7, 2013

a kitchen corner.


My desire to have a completely clutter-free existence is sometimes compromised. A compromise made for the sake of my favorite little kids, who are fond of certain things in our home and have no idea what minimalism is or why someone would want it.

Instead of having stuff scattered about the house, I have dedicated certain areas for the display of these treasures. A kitchen corner.

To be honest, if my kids didn't care, this corner would be virtually empty. I might entertain hanging some sort of little cabinet to house apothecary supplies.
But my kids do care. And I do love that these things are special to them.

A beautiful mosaic cross from Denise Mosaics on Etsy, a Christmas gift from my kids. My collection of Art Nouveau tiles from my mom, an American Goldfinch drawing by Gage, a wood-burned family portrait by Kane, our Swedish prayer, a handmade mosaic by Gage, and a little painting that reminds the kids of Kauai, a rainbow of kindergarten pinch pots.

This corner is pretty special.
This idea of having a few areas to display treasures is working for us right now, and it has freed up other spaces in the process.
A compromise I can definitely live with.

Have a blessed day, Tami

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  1. A lovely idea! I framed some artwork that is permanently displayed in the house that the kids did. I love the cross-it is so beautiful!!