Monday, April 22, 2013


{spinach, red bell pepper, parmesan, egg scramble}

Where has April gone?

I have made some changes this month that have occupied my mind and my hands.

I went to the doctor hoping to have some allergy and food sensitivity testing done.
What she suggested I do is a elimination diet similar to Paleo, call the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or SCD for short. After 2 months I will have the testing, and hopefully have a better picture of the foods that are causing me issues.
I am starting week 2.
I am feeling good, but there are some powerful cravings that nearly overtake me in the afternoons. I am hoping that these go away. A little snack of dates dipped in chunky natural peanut butter definitely helps.
I am used to eating whole grains of some sort throughout the day. Now there are none.
Instead of oatmeal for breakfast, I am enjoying 2 fresh eggs scrambled in a yummy assortment of vegi's. One day I had red bell pepper and spinach, the next salsa and avocado. Today I will saute up a bunch of mushrooms in butter. Yummy. I am really liking the breakfast changes.
I am so happy to still have my homemade yogurt. This is a staple in my diet. It can be used as is with a little stevia and berries, or to make dressings for my daily salad.
Lunch and dinner are protein-centric now. I was semi-vegetarian before, and I fear that trying the SCD diet with only plant proteins would put me over the edge of sanity and leave me feeling pretty weak.
I have stocked up on chicken, scd safe bacon & sausage, grass-fed beef, and I may indulge in some salmon this week. Albacore tuna is also wonderful to add to my daily salad.
I am lucky to have an SCD support group that meets monthly near my home. Folks get together and swap recipes and talk about their journey. For some this is a way of life. I feel fortunate that most of this will be only for a little while. I can imagine adopting these eating practices permanently if I knew that once in a while a girl could have a donut or a piece of pie.
There are so many pages on Pinterest with wonderful recipes to help. I started a Paleo board for myself and can't wait to try all the recipes.
Oh, and my beloved coffee. I am working on it. Right now I have it whittled down to one very weak black cup of it in the morning, and perhaps a decaf later in the day. I know coffee gives me a tummy ache. So it will go soon. I do love green tea. That will be a good replacement.

Well. I am off to tackle a very long day of laundry and cleaning, and try and squueze in a little reading.

Happy Monday.
God Bless, Tami


  1. good luck with the diet and the testing I hope you find the answers! The dish in the photo looks like something I would love to eat :)

  2. we have eggs every morning (from our chickens) with some veggies of some sort.
    I need to cut down on the toast, though.
    I was making yogurt there for a while, I really did enjoy doing that!

  3. Oh, good luck with the changes in diet. A good friend of mine is almost strictly paleo and swears by it. She has some chronic health issues she deals with and diet changes have helped her. I'm glad you have support ~ it can be tough making changes when you're cooking for a gang!