Saturday, January 31, 2009

::Knitting Therapy::

I have found that during these long, dark, and sometimes dreary winter months that I require more therapeutic activities. The time that I spend in the Word, journaling, knitting, reading, cuddling, and baking are like therapy to me.

I was reading "The Creative Family" last week and stumbled across the section on knitting. (forgive me but I already returned the book and now can't reference the page numbers). Amanda wrote about her very beautiful experiences with knitting, and it is clear that I feel the very same. The rhythm, the quietness, the moving of hands while the heart and mind are still. I can pray, contemplate, plan, dream. Knitting is *it* for me. My first choice of creative activities, especially when I get to rock a little in my new~to~me rocking chair. Oh and of course, I have to sit by the fireplace with a creamy cup of coffee :~)

When the dark winter months are over and we are spending *all* of our time outdoors, I will look forward to the cooler months that always come. Months that I spend rocking away, knitting in front of a warm fire. My therapy.
Have a blessed Saturday and enjoy lots of cozy activities with your treasures.
In God's Love, Tami


  1. I've been thinking about knitting again. My oldest daughter taught me to knit when she was 11 (and I was 33) and I spent our home assignment knitting while my husband read to us in the evenings (the evenings we weren't speaking any where!)

    I gave it up when we got back to Japan but lately Daughter # 3 and I have been talking about taking it up again.

    My Mother, who doesn't knit (that's why I had to learn from my daughter!) recently wrote: "I went to a knitting group that meets down town in a tea room resturant. I was really tired by then and almost didn't go ... but I'm glad I did. It was my first time but there is something soothing sitting with a group of women knitting."

    You are right. Knitting IS therapeutic!

  2. What cozy photos! I love the new look of your blog. Very calming and peaceful. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

  3. thats how i feel when i crochet..Love watching tv while crochet a baby blankie or hat..Nothing like it..
    enjoy your weekend..

  4. Sounds absolutely beautiful and cozy to me! :)

  5. Ahh...that sounds so soothing and delightful. My oldest dd taught me to knit & I'm not great at it, but I think I will finish up that scarf I started before baby#4 was born. Thanks for the inspiration-yet again! Holly

  6. Although I don't knit, I do crochet ... I can absolutely relate to this post ...

    Mrs. B

  7. I wish I could knit. One of these days I may try to teach myself. If I do, I'll ask you for pointers.
    Every time I look at your blog I'm amazed at your eye for photography. Your angles and lighting are perfect! You have a gift--well, many gifts. And you use them well. I love stopping by for visits.
    You seem to be one of those sweet soft spoken kind of ladies that I always wanted to be. Gentle, calm,... And for some reason God created me as one of those "out there" kind of gals. I should work on refining me. Ya think? Thanks for being an example!

  8. Just stopped by to say hi:) Blessings to you!