Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year, A Fresh Start

My dear husband started his new job today.
I am thrilled that he found a good job, and I am a little sad, too.

The last month has been such a gift of togetherness for our family.
What a blessed time to have him home. There is such a beautiful and easy flow to our days, when Daddy is home. It's like everyday is the weekend.

I will look back on December of 2007 and be thankful, as I am for all of the precious time we spend together as a family.

Tomorrow will be the first day back to our normal schedule.
I am excited to sit down with my son and decide our studies for 2008. He loves anything that has to do with animals. We will be using this as one of our major themes this year. Everything else is still coming together.

The new year always gets me into decluttering mode. I also like to write out my menus for the month, go through the kids clothing, and start planning for the rest of 2008.

I pray that you all had a glorious start to the new year.
Have a productive and peaceful Thursday.

In God's Love, Tami


  1. Dear Tami,
    Yes, The kids and I really enjoyed our dear Chef when he was home..I do cherish those times. It was really fun to journal about those times. Tami, isn't putting away the Christmas so very bittersweet? My experience this year was a little sad, because I know it marks the passing of time, the passing of memories, as my children get older. Have a wonderful cozy day with your children ((Tami)). Love, Carrie.

  2. hi tami!

    i'm so glad your husband found a new job! that's wonderful. your post made me realize how precious our time together with family is :) the busyness with life can easily get in the way.