Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time Flies :~)

As we were sitting down to dinner, it dawned on me how quickly the week had passed. My days whizz by in a flurry of activity. With the added element of homeschooling, I feel my plate quite wondrously full.
I love being at home, and find joy in the rhythm of our days. I feel an immense amount of freedom in homeschooling. I am so grateful for the gift of learning *with* my children.
We can create boundless adventures, learn as we live, and be ever so grateful each moment for the gift of one-another.
I am still in awe of it all. I am *so* thankful that our Lord saw fit to open doors and soften hearts in order to bring my children home to learn. What an awesome God.
I hope and pray that each one of you had a blessed week.
God give you rest tomorrow. Blessings, Tami


  1. Hi ((Tami))
    Yes, you are so very blessed to be home with your children, loving them, nurturing your family. I really love it. I love to have those wonderful adventures..I love to capture those *moments* when we are truly *loving* one another. Tami, thank you so much for sharing your home with us, I love the pictures of your beautiful home..and the can have my snow while I have your rain! God Bless You, Tami.
    Your Friend, Carrie.

  2. I am so thankful, too. :) For you, getting to be a homeschooling mama! :)


  3. It is such a gift. My husbadn was away last week. The kids and took a long walk, stopped for hot chcolate and did school in the afternoon. As we wlked and played around laughing....I was thinking the same thing. What a blessing it was to have them "with" me to enjoy everyday all day.

  4. Hi, Tami...
    I know those feelings well. I can't imagine a better life than being with my children every day and learning with them - through their eyes - all over again. How sweet it is and such a wonderful blessing :) Thanks for sharing.