Friday, January 18, 2008

New Year, New Journal

I started a simple daily journal after reading about Jewels and how she kept hers. That was last June. My first journal is now full and I am ready for my new one. Isn't it pretty? I love birds, so I couldn't resist.

Over the past 6 months, I have faithfully recorded even smallest details of our life, in order that my children might someday have a glimpse into my life, and how it was enriched my them.

My daily journal also feeds my creative side, with clippings, recipes, poems, prayers, all the colorful details of daily life. I buy thrift-store magazines or they are given to me. Sometimes I will print out scriptures or poems that move me.

I truly love journaling this way. Unstructured and free-flowing, no lined pages, lots of scribbling and doodling everywhere, images that please my eye and inspire me. Occasionally, I will make lists and mark off my accomplishments for the day.

We are moving forward, time is passing, capturing the tiny details that I will eventually forget, with hope that writing them down will make their sweetness linger.

If you have never journaled this way, try it. It is the way that has been so fulfilling for me. Thank you Jewels for your inspiration.

Have a blessed Friday and a restful weekend. In God's Love, Tami


  1. I journal too but in a differnt way. I like this idea! I will need a new journal in another few weeks. Dare I go line-less :o)

    I have a journal for each child as well that I try to write in regularly but fear I am not as faithful as I'd like to be.

  2. Tami,
    I started journaling Jewel-style in June as well! Glancing back just now, my first entry is June 30and now have 6 pages left. Funny! I wonder... will Jewel be surprised someday in heaven at the impact she has had on all of us.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. The journal is beautiful. What a precious gift you are leaving your children, and their children, and their children. How I wish I knew my grandmother and great-grandmother even better.

  4. hi tami! i think your way of journaling seems like more fun!

    thank you for sharing.


  5. Hello Tami,
    I love journaling! Myn seem to be just prayers to the Lord though. I love the idea of all the other stuff. Sadly, I think I do have a creative side, but, my perfectionistic side is ruling right now! Have a wonderful weekend with your family, Tami.

  6. your journal is very pretty!

    i love beginning a fresh journal! my pages are lined, usually- but i journal this way, too. i've always done prayers, notes, lists, and recipes. jewels inspired me to add color with magazine cut-outs, too. so now i do that, too.

    love it. :)


  7. I'm keeping my eye open for a pretty journal. I have found a whole pile of pretty magazines to chop up. I never did start a journal when I saw it on Jewels blog but when I find the right book I'll start.

  8. This is very inspiring. I have a now dusty journal and would someday like to be able to get back to chronicling my thoughts and snippets of life.