Thursday, April 3, 2008

"A Child's Vision"

"My child took a crayon
In her little hand
And started to draw
As if by command.

I looked on with pleasure
But couldn't forsee
What the few simple lines
Were going to be.

What are you drawing?
I asked, by and by
I'm making a picture
Of God in the sky.

But nobody knows
What God looks like, I sighed.
They will when I'm finished
She calmly replied."

-Sherwin Kaufman
Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul

How precious are the little ones who see so plainly the face of God.
Thank you Lord for my sweet treasures. Amen.

Have a blessed night of rest. In God's Love, Tami


  1. Dear Sweet Tami,,,

    I so love this poem. I will copy it in my journal! I love watching my children create!

    Have a wonderful weekend Tami...

    Love, Carrie.

  2. Tami....How precious this is! I just love this poem. Have a blessed weekend!