Friday, April 11, 2008


Today, I am most grateful for the dailiness of my life.

God gives me sheer joy and contentment when I am simply living and *do*ing my daily life.
It is when I let myself get too busy or distracted that I lose that joy and contentment.
When my eyes wander from Him and my purpose, that is when I cannot see the joy.
The simple tasks of my daily life, bring such fulfillment to me, and love, warmth, and nourishment to my family.
All praise be to God for this wife and mama life He has gifted me.

Today I see:

Spring flowers in a cut crystal vase on my table.
Two little boys with fresh hair cuts.
A freshly feathered nest all tidy and clean.
Green grass growing tall and lush.
Four children eagerly awaiting a day out with Grandma.
One mama who has much joy.

Have a joyful and blessed Friday.

In God's Love, Tami


  1. Tami,

    This is really beautiful...the simple dailiness of life is such a wonderful place to much to be grateful for in our family lives :) Have a blessed weekend!


  2. Thank you for your lovely hospitality, Tami! You are absolutely right about getting distracted or busy, or wandering from our purpose..Really steals our joy.

    Love to you, my friend,