Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My *Gem*

"The Golden Gems of Life" by S.C. Ferguson & E.A. Allen.

It is finally here. I have shared *gems* from this precious book before, and I now have an original copy of my very own.

My search for this book began after Jewels quoted from it, on her"Eyes of Wonder" blog. I was so enthralled by the beautiful language and the timeless wisdom.

My challenge was to find a copy that was in decent condition and didn't cost a fortune. I found this very loved, and a little tattered 1883 version for $10.00. A steal in my book.

The book included hidden in it's pages, the original receipt, at a cost of $3.50 to the purchaser in 1883.

When I touch the pages, I can imagine the hands that have read through the passages over the last 125 years.

Wow....that's what I love about old things, they have had such a life before me. What did the original owner dress like, did she read it by kerosene lamp in her favorite rocking chair? What fun to imagine. I can see little markings she made in passages that she wanted to remember.

It's pages are filled with beautiful wisdom and such artistic writings. Some of the more interesting content titles are Home Circle, Duties of Married Life, True Nobility, God in Nature, and so many more that take me back in time.
Here are some of my favorites:

"Kindness makes sunshine wherever it goes. It folds its way into the hidden chambers of the heart, and brings forth hidden treasures, which harshness would have sealed up forever. Kindness makes the mother's lullaby sweeter than the song of a lark.....Kindness is the real law of life, the link that connects earth with heaven."

"Either patience must be a quality graciously inherent in the heart of man, or it must be acquired as the lesson of year's experience, if he would enjoy the greatest good life".

"And say to mothers what a holy charge is theirs; with what a kingly power their love might rule the fountains of the new-born mind; warn them to wake at early dawn and sow good seed before the world has sown its tares." ~ Mrs. Sigourney

One quiet evening very soon, I will spend some time pouring over this precious book in it's entirety. What a fascinating look into life 100+ years ago, and how wonderful to know it's wisdom still speaks today.
If you get a chance you can read over parts of the book online here.

Have a truly blessed and restful night with your precious treasures. In God's Love, Tami


  1. What a lovely book! I miss Jewels' blog. I hope one day she'll blog again. So happy you found your *Gem*


  2. Tami....what a treasure you found! And...the price was a steal! Beautiful book and beautiful quotes!
    Have a blessed week!


  3. How exciting! Did you find it online or in a store? The book itself is lovely in appearance. The words on the page just add to its loveliness. Enjoy!
    Thanks for the sweet note while I was sick. I am beginning to feel normal again. Hurray!

  4. Looks like a great book!! And it is beautiful, too.

  5. Tami!

    I'm so glad you found it! And $10?!?!? Great deal! :)
    And a huge bonus about the original receipt.


  6. Dear Sweet Tami,,

    I am so excited that you found this book that I am looking for it too! I just love books and things that encourage us to be the best that we can be...You too, have a wonderful weekend Tami..

    Love your friend,