Friday, June 6, 2008

More on *Stuff*

It seems that I have taken a bit of a blog break :~)

I can't believe how quickly time is passing, with all the activities of Spring. We are spending every available moment outside breathing in God's creation.

Last month I read, and am now re-reading a book called "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh. He is one of the organizers on a cable program called "Clean Sweep". After my post on *stuff*, this book was one I stumbled upon. It has been extremely helpful for me to truly separate needs vs. wants, and to separate myself a little from my *extreme sentimentality*. Mind you, I am very organized, and therefore come up with all sorts of clever ways to *hide* all my stuff. What I am in the process of doing now is actually going through all of it and very closely examining why I am keeping it. We are 2 large boxes and (4 )30 gallon garbage bags full of donations lighter. I am feeling so much lighter emotionally and I have only done the master bedroom and closet. Well it's nearly finished.....still some tweaking to do to create a calm, restful, uncluttered place to breath and restore. I am going to work on one area at a time. My oldest son's room is next.

My decluttering has been taking a huge chunk of mine time lately. I am trying to see to the end of the tunnel when decluttering will be maintenance and won't be such a focus in our home. I would much rather have my focus on more *precious* things - like my 4 sweet treasures and my one fabulous husband. Not to mention, a clear and uncluttered focus on the Lord, when my mind is not filled with *stuff*. That is the best reward of all.

I pray that you all have a blessed Friday.
It is raining non-stop here today, so we are off to the local children's museum to run off some of this kid energy :~)

In God's Love, Tami


  1. Well, I was just thinking of you yesterday, wondering how you were. I was hoping to get much of our basement cleaned out. My holiday stash is much too large for the minimal holiday decorating I do. It sure does feel good to lighten the load, doesn't it?

  2. I so want to create a restful, calm place to nurture my family. All of our "stuff" takes away so much time from our relationships. My biggest clutter problem: papers. We seem to be inundated with papers everywhere here at our house. The children create so many works of art it is hard to just pitch them in the trash, but it can become overwhelming. I plan on trying to coming up with a better way to display their work as to not discourage their creativity.

  3. Hello sweet friend,,

    Isn't it wonderful to "lighten up and live" as Ken Davis would say??
    I *love* the picture..

    Have a wonderful day, Tami..
    Love, Carrie.

  4. I'm right there with you. We don't have a lot of stuff, but we have way too many distractions. TV, computer, cell phones, texting...... it's very hot here and we're not able to be outside too much. I really want to find more peaceful and creative ways to entertain my children.

    I'm going to look for that book :)


  5. It does feel good to de-clutter....I've been trying to get some of mine done, but I still have lots more to do. To me, getting it uncluttered and keeping it that way is a challenge...with 4 sets of active hands ever reaching and moving things. I've been garden focused for the past few weeks, but with the HOT temps that seem to have settled in, I'm ready to get inside and back to business :) Hope you have a blessed and productive week!


  6. I enjoyed your post.
    I hope your garden does well.