Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Our little potager is coming along nicely. This past weekend we finished contructing the lattice tops and the shorter border fence. My dear hubby and I need to clear out the sod, reposition the chicken coop, build the chicken run, the beds, and a garden gate. There will be 2 raised beds for vegetables and the chicken coop and run will be housed in the garden. I am beyond excited to finally have an area carved out just for this purpose. A dream come true.

The children helped paint this very colorful birdhouse. There will be 2 more houses on the other posts also. We are hopeful the birdhouses will get utilized, maybe as winter roosts, because the sun is way too hot for nesting where they are.
I put my tomato plants out this past weekend. I have 3 varieties this year. I love using bamboo and jute twine to make my tomato cages. You can add support wherever you need it throughout the growing season.
I can see all the sweet little apples growing on our tree.
Our salad garden is filling in so nicely. We are enjoying nightly salads. Yummy! The strawberries are fruiting. I cannot wait to enjoy them.
We are having lovely weather here this week. There has been enough refreshing rain in the nighttime hours to nourish the plants and beautiful sunshine during the day. I think Spring has finally come to Washington.
I pray that you are all having a blessed and productive week. In God's Love, Tami


  1. Yeah Tami!

    I *so* love gardening too!

    Love, Carrie.

  2. Tami...your garden looks wonderful! I love the fence and that you have your chickens right near your garden...just great! A salad garden really is the best, isn't it? Nothing tastes better than lettuce freshly picked for a salad!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  3. LOVE the fence and cute little birdhouse!

    We had our first salad from the garden tonight - well, the lettuce, not the tomatoes or cucumbers, yet!

  4. Your garden looks lovely, Tami! Love the little fence. :)