Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Morning Basket

One of the areas that I struggle with in my life is *lack of preparedness*. You would think that with 4 kiddos that I would be motivated to be more prepared. Nope........
So I decided to put forth a valiant effort to be prepared for once. I put together a "morning basket" with all the essentials that I need to wake early and meet the Lord. I often pray for the Lord to wake me in the night to meet with Him. He constantly answers my prayer and then I find myself unprepared. Not any more.
This handy little basket sits right next to my bed, ready to be scooped up at any hour.
I have my bible, my prayer journal, my ipod, loads of pens, matches, and a scented candle in a mason jar. Oh how I love to read the bible by candlelight. The pages of most bibles are so thin that candlelight shines right through the pages and makes them glow. It is truly beautiful.
So there you have it. No more excuses. I am prepared Lord. Beckon me softly from my sleep, Lord. Amen.
Have a restful night and a blessed Friday.
In God's Love, Tami


  1. That is a great idea! What a perfect basket to hold all your morning supplies.

  2. Just a beautiful post, Tami...really beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  3. That basket looks like it was just made for your things. What a perfect fit! I often pray for God to wake me up as well. He is faithful, but sometimes I am more like the disciples in the garden of Gesthemane.

  4. Wonderful idea!

    I have a quiet time basket too. It isn't compartmentalized and as organized as yours, but the pens kept disappearing. (by little hands, perhaps?)

    Enjoy your quiet mornings!

  5. I so very much LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing it, and the picture! I must copy you :-)

  6. Tami,
    I love that!!
    I keep all my morning stuff in a certain place, but a pretty basket is even better!
    When I had a nursling, I had a "nursing basket". Books to read while nursing a lot. But this is great.

  7. I found you through Ericka at heartathome.....

    The morning basket is such a great and beautiful idea!

    I have my morning time too, but my stuff is just sitting out on my fireplace hearth.

    I'm going to search for the perfect basket and put my stuff in it to go under my coffee table, right next to the big diaper basket!

    Thanks for the great idea!