Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just A Peek

Each of my children has a *treasure box* where they keep their most prized possessions.

It is such a treat to peek inside their little lives and see what they consider treasure.

This is my sweet daughter's box. It is a shabby green vintage jewelry box with bright pink lining. She loved it the moment she saw it, and had to have it for her treasures.

She left her box open and as I walked by I was delighted to sneak a peek inside her box and her little life.

  • her "Pretty" handpainted rock
  • a construction paper flower
  • a homemade bead necklace
  • a *kiss* photo of Daddy and I
  • a collection of pennies
  • lots of little papers and notes
  • her ABC photo book that I made

I noticed that most of the items in her box are gifts given to her. Her love language possibly?

The boys have equally interesting stuff in their boxes. My kids really enjoy having a place to save those things that have meaning to them at this moment. I can imagine that over the years the contents will change. I will treasure being able to have a glimpse into their lives at each stage.

Have a blessed Saturday and a restful weekend.

In God's Love, Tami


  1. Hello Sweet Friend...

    This scene can be quite irritating to me in our home or a real blessing depending how I look at it..My girls *love* to collect treasures *and* treasure boxes and they end up everywhere. Its so funny..Yes, you are right Tami, if I look at it with insightful eyes, these treasures really speak of who they are..

    Enjoy your time outdoors..we really are.. I am so excited for spring to be here and all the lovely things that are growing! and tell me when you get your chickens! I am excited to know all about it. We are starting an official garden this year...Our seedlings are not going real well though..

    Have a wonderful day, Tami.

    Love, Carrie.

  2. The treasure boxes are a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

    Laura of Harvest Lane