Monday, July 21, 2008

Five Things

I have not been the best at keeping up with tags and memes. This season has been so full that I find little time for extras. My apologies to the sweet ladies who have nominated and included me. I truly appreciate your kindness.

I have a few minutes today to participate in a "5 favorite things" (excluding family) tag. Mrs B. from Her Peculiar Life tagged me.

Let's see........

1. Top of the list always is the freedom, love, and salvation that I receive from our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. The warm summer sun on my face with just a whisper of wind to keep me cool.

3. Waking up before my family to the quiet stillness of my home, and having Jesus welcome me to this new day.

4. Watching my children play together and grow in love and friendship.

5. God's faithful provision of food and shelter for my family.

Anybody who wants to join in please do. This is an informal invitation to all who read. What are your five favorite things? Enjoy!

Have a truly blessed and productive Monday! In God's Love, Tami

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