Friday, October 3, 2008

All Settled In

We are all settled into Autumn now. I was a nice little blog break I had, and I have so much to share.
We have been sewing, knitting, canning, baking and cooking intermixed with homeschooling, reading, hanging wash, and tidying. All of that daily wonderfulness that I love.

The children and I are all settled into our Autumn routines. It feels so good to change gears and settle into a slow pace. I try and leave Thursdays and Fridays for *no running around* days. It is a nice starting point for the weekend when my hard-working hubby is home.

Well my hubby finally gave in and fixed the clothes dryer. I am a little relieved and a little sad. I have enjoyed so immensely the pleasure of hanging wash. I am grateful though that over the many, many rainy weeks we have here in Washington that I have the luxury of a dryer. After living without a dryer for the first time ever in my life, I am so much more aware of just how easy my laundry was and how I took it for granted. Never again. I am all about being grateful.
I will go back to hanging 100% of our wash in the Spring, but for now I will dry the majority of it. If you remember I also gave up the automatic dishwasher. I am sticking with that, except for on the rare occasion that I make such an incredible mess that I see no way out of it by hand-washing........which is about once a week :~)

We've turned on our gas fireplace a few times already, oh do I love a warm fire. Bliss.

We have had so many apples around here lately. What a blessing it is to be able to put up applesauce, cut apples, and apple jelly.

Here is some of our homemade applesauce. I have another huge basket of apples to process this week. With the price of apples this year, I am so grateful for all the apples we've received and have been able to pick.
Plums from our beautiful Italian Plum tree. We look so forward to these every year. YUM.
I pureed some of the plums and canned them for later use in muffins and quick breads. I can also add a little sweetener and use it like jam.
I am spending much of my spare time getting ready for the "birthday season". My 4 children were born in October and November, so I am busy making gifts and decorations for celebrating.
I am planning on having all Christmas gift preparations completed by November. I am loosely following the Organized Christmas plan to help me stay organized.
I pray that you are all having a blessed and productive week. I am glad to be back.
In God's Love, Tami


  1. It sounds like you have been busy! I use my dryer most all of the time, but my husband came up with a way we can use the over the door hooks to hang a line in our home and I can line dry items on it inside. We have lots of pollen here so outside drying is not something we can do with my son's allergies. Also, I only use the dishwasher once a week. We were told by several people (and you may want to check this out on your own) that if the dishwasher is not used on some sort of regular interval, something builds up in the lines or the hoses and can cause problems. I usually fill mine on Sunday and take a break that day from washing!

  2. Welcome back, Tami! :)

    It seems like you were "gone" an awfully long time! :)

    Love to see and hear what you've been up to.