Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn Corners

It's been awhile since I've shown the little corners of my home. Not much changes as far as decor goes, but I do start to see signs of Autumn all around. Signs like a refreshed supply of wonderful yarn to make lots of gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

The comfy quilts come out, ready for a little person to come snuggle in Daddy's big chair.
The canner, a constant sight on my stove right now. So many wonderful jams and sauces put up for the winter.
An art box that stays out full time now, ready for any little project.
The last of summer's *mama flowers* given to me by my little princess. SO sweet.

Some of my other Autumn loves:
~big bright candles~a softly glowing fireplace~piles of pinecones brought in from our nature adventures~the smell of cooked apples and cinnamon~jars of beautiful canned food put up for winter~half finished projects waiting to made into gifts~our birthday season~more time inside doing puzzles and playing games~the wonderful crispness in the air~fragrant stews and soups simmering in the pot~bright red, orange, and yellow maple leaves in vases~slowing down the pace~
I pray that you are having a blessed and productive week. In God's Love, Tami


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love to anticipate the rest of winter. And the colors--God is good isn't He?

  2. looks wonderful! i can't wait for some cool weather :) enjoy your weekend.

  3. You have a beautiful home, Tami! The canner has been a constant on my stove for the last week...tomatoes and pumpkin butter so far :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Those corners look quite cozy! I am trying to do the same here at our house.

  5. Enjoyed your list of Autumn loves and your photos. Many blessings to you!