Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"Be grateful for the home you have,
knowing that at this moment,
all you have is all you need."

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Lots of books to pour over and read (and re-read).

Piles of homemade-with-love friends to play with.

A comfy chair in the sunlight for relaxing, cuddling, reading, mending, and knitting.

Fresh bread.

A warm and inviting bed to sink into each night.
~and sometimes during the day :~)

Quilts laying around waiting to be grabbed up and cuddled.
And most of all I am grateful for my family, who make my house a home.

I pray that you all find comfort in your homes today.
Have a blessed and peaceful day!

In God's Love, Tami


  1. Tami,

    what a beautiful post....all we need really is right in front of us. Thanks for the reminder! And, your home is lovely :)

  2. Sending loving Easter blessings to you. Thank you for your display of contentment and gratefulness to all of us.

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for visiting me at my blog! I just came by for a visit and what a pleasant visit it has been! I shall definitely return. I invite you to come back. I look forward to getting to know each other in blogland!

    God bless you!
    Laura of Harvest Lane