Friday, March 28, 2008 March!?!?

It is snowing as I type. Not just a little flurry, it is sticky. I cannot remember a time, in my entire life, when it has snowed this close to April. We get a bit of snow during the winter, that lasts a few days, but never in the Spring. We live in the Puget Sound and are pretty sheltered from extreme seasonal conditions, the summers are never scorching and the winters are never frigid. Our big issue is the rain.......

So here is the proof. We have snow.

Have a blessed weekend. In God's Love, Tami

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  1. Well, that is interesting to see snow-covered flowers!

    We got some snow last week, too. And not just a coating- more like a couple of inches. Easter has always been dry as far as I could remember, but this year we got good snow. But I suppose the lakes needed that.

    Today is a really beautiful, warm, sunny day. All that snow is gone.