Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soul Food

“I must have the hands of Martha,
Hands that scrub and cook and sew-
I can have the heart of Mary
While I do these things, you know.
Though my hands are in the dishpan,
This soul of mine can soar
And in thoughts sublime and lofty
Go right up to heaven’s door.
I must cook, oh endless dinners,
For my dear ones have to eat;
But my soul need not be cooking-
It can sit at Jesus’ feet!
Help me God, while doing duties
Against which my soul rebels,
But meekly still to peel potatoes,
But not grovel in the shells.
Grant me, God, mid things prosaic
Ere to choose the better part;
Grant that while I must be Martha,
I may have the Mary heart.”
–Author Unknown

I pray these words feed you, like they do me. I came across this poem at a lovely blog called Laura at Harvest Lane Cottage. A lovely place to visit.

Have a blessed Saturday.

In God's Love, Tami

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