Wednesday, December 21, 2011

::Christmas Corners::

{Advent candles before dawn}

{Our tree}

A look at a few of the Christmas corners in our home.
I love bringing nature inside during the holidays. We collected these greens and berries from around our neighborhood. This is something we do every year.
I wrapped most all of our gifts with craft paper and printed off some lovely free labels from the wonderful artists on the web.
Our stockings are handmade using old felted sweaters. They are made in a patchwork design. I then embroidered each child's inital on the front. They are sturdy, and rustic, and mama-made with lots of love.
I was looking over our home and I realized that we keep our decorations very simple. Our home is small and becomes quickly overwhelmed when all the surfaces are overtaken with stuff. Simple seems just perfect for us though.
I am off to finish the gift baking with my kiddos.
{Our stockings}

 Sorry for the terrible pictures it is really hard to get good photos when it is so gray outside :)

Have a blessed day, Tami

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  1. Your decorations are beautiful. The living area looks like a lovely place to curl up with a book, slow down, and relax a bit.