Monday, December 19, 2011

::Follow the Sun::

 Here in the Pacific NW the sun is a rare sight during the very dim and gray winter months. When the sun comes out it changes my whole day. I snapped a few photos the other day, it was just so wonderful.

Today, the gray and the rain resume. You'd think after my whole life here that I would be used to it. I *am* thankful for the marked change in seasons in these parts. It makes me appreciate the sunshine so much more. I say that now, but come February ask me again. (It rains nearly every day in February).
A little snow would be nice to get everybody in the Christmas spirit. Not likely, but it would be such a delight!

notice the can actually see it when it's sunny!
 A few years ago, we had a 2 feet of snow during December. I loved it so much. I didn't drive anywhere for 2 weeks, we walked to get our groceries, the kids played all day long on their sleds, and we stayed dry and warm in our cozy old cottage. I would love that again some time.

I know my chickers love the sun!
I am off now to enjoy having my family home for the next 2 weeks! That's what gets me in the Christmas spirit!
Have a blessed Monday! Tami

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