Saturday, December 31, 2011

::Christmas 2011::

{my beautiful new pendant from my family~a peace dove}

Here's a recap of the gifting that went on around here.

Some handmades made their way into the mix. I would have liked to have done more, maybe next year. I really enjoyed making monogram mugs using thrift store mugs and a porcelain pen. (via Designmom) On Christmas morning, the mugs were waiting for the kids with hot cocoa mix and a candy cane.
I knitted a Mario hat for a Rafe (the Mario graphic based on this pattern) and knitted a tiny doll cardigan for Anya's new dollie. We made homemade gift boxes out of scrapbook paper (instructions here), and some new Christmas Eve birdy earrings for my Anya.
My husband and kiddos gave me the most beautiful silver dove pendant and farmer's egg crates (found here) for all of the beautiful eggs our chickens give us. My sweetie daughter upcycled a thrift store bracelet by adding the charms. This was a special mama gift for me and I love it. I am hoping that she will bring me little treasures to put on it every so often.
Anya is the one who gets the most into gift giving. On Christmas morning she makes sure that everybody has lots of little treasures to open. Chocolate bars, nearly spent gift cards, plastic toy rings, handmade ornaments, coins ~all wrapped~(with gift tags) something for each of us. She is so special in that way. Always thinking of others.
The chunky turquoise and red coral bracelet ~ my 81 year old grandma made this for me~She is hip!
The few electronics and games that we got seemed to rule Christmas Day........I am okay with that.
Hubby Eric is custom fabricating a recumbent bike, so we got him a bike seat and wireless odometer. He was happy.
I purchased some doll dresses on Etsy ( here ) for Anya's doll to go with the sweater I knitted.
Grandma knitted a doll blanket and made a pillowslip. She is in doll heaven.
The boys, did I already mention electronics and games? Oh, and BB guns ~ enough said.

We had such a lovely Christmas. It already feels like it's weeks in the past. I love the peace and quiet after the holidays, but I wish Christmas would linger a little longer.

Have a very Happy New Year's Eve!

I pray that 2012 holds many wonderful memories to be made, new things to learn, and lots of special times with friends and family.

Blessings in the new year!

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