Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a quiet room

I spent the entire day on Monday cleaning out master bedroom. Over the summer it had become a dumping ground for donation bags, Christmas gifts in the works, unused baskets, library books, stray Lego creations, and a whole lot of other stuff that I don't want there.
I wiped down walls and mouldings, dusted and polished the wood, touched up the paint, washed all the bedding and made the bed, neatly folded and put away clothes, vacuumed, and took a whole lot of junk out of there. What a relief.
Our bedroom is the only room in the house that needs to be minimalist. I need a space with little or no clutter or distractions. A sanctuary. A cozy haven. It is painted a soft oat color. The carpet is light. The comfy bed is piled with down pillows and quilts with mono-chromatic tones. We have a few utilitarian pieces of furniture, and a very select bit of art. There is no TV. At the moment, there is a upholstered rocking chair by the window, inviting me to sit. Honestly though, I think it needs to go. More often that not it serves as a clothes hanger.

The light in this room is beautiful. It also stays nice and warm. This is a plus during the winter months, when a warm bed is a delight at the end of the day. I have dotted a few votive candles around for a soft glow at night. This place needs to be a quiet and cozy respite for he and I. In our small home, claiming this space for us has become a happy necessity.
Our room is back to it's simple, quiet self. It is my favorite room in the house, for it's promise of rest and comfort. These are two things we need a lot of right now during these busy first weeks of the new school year.
Now. I just need to keep it this way.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. Sounds lovely. We recently bought a new bed and with it came new bedding that is quite fluffy. I love it. Unfortunately I am too hot and kick most of it off through the night :/ Thank you for a serene tour of your oasis!

  2. I need to do this. I have been shuffling things out piece meal but haven't had a chunk of time to really focus on it in a big way. Bedrooms should be sanctuary's I think...and mine is not, right now. Next week I am going to set aside some time for this ~ thank you for the inspiration :)