Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We've been picking and harvesting bit by bit each day. Most of this yumminess gets eaten right up. The tomatoes are being stockpiled for my roasted tomato sauce. I think today is the day for that.

I have frozen a lot of the berries to enjoy in the winter months. We had beautiful raspberries this season. I have an everbearing variety and am picking the second harvest, and plan on freezing those as well. We let the chickens root around in the vegetable garden sometimes, and it is hilarious to watch them jump at the raspberries.

My big, heirloom Old German tomatoes are starting to ripen. I pray it happens quickly, the rains are sure to come soon.

My volunteer tomato plants ended up being Roma's. What a wonderful surprise these vigorous plants have been. They took over and entire garden bed. I decided not to stake them, but put straw under the fruit so it wouldn't rot. I love seeing their true habit, sprawling all over the ground.

We have a small espalier apple tree that didn't bear much fruit this year. Most of our apple picking came from foraged trees in our neighborhood. And the plums, same deal. Gotta love it!

I plan on spending most of the day in the kitchen, getting a jump on baking and cooking ahead. I love days like this, it makes me feel quite productive.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. You know for having a slow wet season you sure are producing quite the garden yield! Our tomatoes are nearly done and I think the cucumbers are over. But both were delicious !

  2. Oh, but such a wonderful harvest! Is there anything better than going from garden to plate? Love that. Your roasted tomato sauce....recipe sharing opportunity, perhaps?! ;)

  3. wow, your garden space is so nice. Overall, is has not been the best garden this year. oh well.

    I really like your yard/garden