Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanks::Days 15~18

We were hit by the sickness bug last weekend. I am attempting thankfulness amidst sick kiddos and a sick mama anyway. Actually, it's not too hard to find things to be thankful for especially when we are sick.

15. I am thankful for a husband that is home on the weekends to bring me mashed potatoes when I am sick. He loves me.

16. I am thankful for the comfort of my home and a husband that does the dishes :~)

17. I am thankful that our doctor was able to get a very sick almost 7 year old in yesterday. Poor little guy has a double ear infection. Oh so grateful for medical technology.

18. I am so thankful that God gave us the miracle of our second son, 7 years ago today.

Lots and lots to be thankful for. God is so good.

Have a blessed and productive Tuesday. In God's Love, Tami


  1. Oh, I pray you all recover quickly and are all smiles come Thanksgiving dinner time.

    Mrs. B

  2. I hope you all are back to great health soon! When the whole bunch is down it just a drag. One year all 5 of us woke up on Christmas with the I-wish-I-could-die flu! It was awful. Take care!

  3. Dear ((sweet little mama))
    I'm so sorry to hear that you've all been sick. Best you be resting, resting, resting up with your treasures, gettin' good and ready for that big Thanksgiving celebration. I'm thinking of you and praying for you. Happy birthday to each precious one, there.

    Lovely Christmas music is playing and we're doing our big Saturday cleaning, here, today--on this bright, sunny, snowy, *Friday*. Full and busy weekend ahead.

    James and Joseph are away--yesterday and today--for an overnight, staying with relatives of a dear Amish family that they drove to a funeral.

    While the gals and I are cleaning, Big Papa's doing some carpentry and Chubb's reading picture books to the little ones. Happy things of home :o)

    Much love to you dear Tami. I hope you have a a quiet as can be, on-your-way-to-getting-better, beautiful day, and everyone's well, soon.

    xo Jewels

  4. Sorry to hear that you all are sick....I hope everyone is better very soon! We were bitten by the virus bug here last week~

    Also, Happy 7th birthday to your son! Hope he had a great day!