Tuesday, April 17, 2012

alphabet psalm

I mentioned one of the writings we did at retreat called the alphabet psalm. We were asked to use the letters of the alphabet as a guide for writing. It was a very interesting way to be inspired. I just started writing and let the spirit lead.
I want to share this, because I really need to practice the act of being open, but also as an act of memory-keeping for my children.

All around nature is coming alive.
Bursting forth greenly, then the
Colors come. All the colors in nature by God's
From the ground to the tips of the tallest trees.
Green everywhere, lush, dark, alive.
Having been through the gray winter now
Into the time of rebirth.
Just in time as the sun warms the earth.
Knowing that God's mighty power restores the
Land as He restores our spirits.
Now we feel alive as the earth comes alive.
Open your eyes and see it.
Praise God for the miracle of it. He sends the
Quenching and life giving, the
Rain is back to sustain the green.
Summer heat.
The bounty of food that grows
Up from rich soil to feed us. The
Very food we need to nourish our bodies.
We praise God. We
eXalt His holy name. We say
Yes Lord. A
reZoundining yes.

We were given about 15 minutes to write this. It is very raw and unedited. I loved the experience of just letting the words come. In the end it made sense, at least to me. I know that I used the x and z rather creatively :~)

This would be a great tool to use in other times also, maybe when I am struggling with something, as a way to pray. To help find the words.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. Simply wonderful.

    I'm so enjoying these recent posts (playing catch up, reading backwards and then forwards and then back again...I know, it's just the way my brain works...)

    You have a gift and I think it's finding it's niche!