Wednesday, April 4, 2012

crazy week

This last week has been say the least.
If multiple sporting commitments every single day, weren't enough.....
My beloved 1955 Hotpoint Golden Anniversary Super Automatic Cooking Range died.
Panic set in on several levels. I LOVE that range, and also, I bake nearly everyday. And not always fun dessert baking, I mean bread, a necessity in my house. Oh and granola, a necessity for sure.
When I called the local appliance repair guys they told me that a range that old would need to be rewired to the tune of $1500.00-Whoa.
So I set out to find a new range. BTW, I am picky.
No digital controls. Appliances with a computer + me=BAD.
I really wasn't sure if I wanted gas. I have never cooked with gas, and I have heard that baking with gas takes a little getting used to.
And I am thrifty. I always thought that my next range would be a mid range, stainless, dual fuel, pro type, you know the ones.
When it came down to it I could bear to part with the money or my Hotpoint.
I took the back off my range (after I unplugged it) and saw that quite a bit of the wiring was new-ish. The previous owners had apparently had some work done on it. I was instantly hopeful.
I did a little more poking around and discovered the problem. The part that needs to be replaced is a simple fix, IF I can find the parts. If not, we will have to have the smaller oven re-wired only. This will only cost a few hundred dollars. Well worth it to not have to spend thousands on a new one. Or not at all, I am very hopeful that an antique appliance guy in Florida can locate the part for me.
In the meantime, I have one oven that works and the stove top works, and there is nothing that needs to be done with those. YAY!
I gave my range some love today and cleaned it inside and out. Having almost lost the privilege of owning this beautiful beast, I am so grateful to have it (mostly) working and looking spiffy. A happy ending to a very stressful week. Play ball!
It looks like No-Spend March is spilling into April. Yes.

Watch this video for a good look at my range and a good laugh!

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. I hope you can find your part! And that it's cheap. I have a ceramic cooktop that I love :) I've only had electric as well.

  2. Oh, my...what a week you've had! I was worried about you when I didn't see any posts (no pressure to blog daily, though! ha!) I do believe that I have range-envy and that can't be a good thing. Your range would look lovely in my old, old, old (emphasis on old) and unrenovated farmhouse kitchen! Next to my hoosier (which is almost as old as the house!) But, that said, I am very happy part of your beautiful range is working and will say a little prayer that said parts are available soonest!