Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I am thrifty. Here are some of my favorite things.

I am a sucker for a piece with a story. On the back of the frame there is a note. In 1952, this panel was embroidered for a son by his mom, in 1993 it was cleaned and re-framed for the sons of the original boy. They gave it away in 2009. Sad, but lucky for me. I love to stare at all of the beautiful and intricate stitching.

My very hip distressed 1960's leather chair found on Craigslist, cheap. I had the seat recovered in velvety chocolate fabric and a new cushion made. The sheepskin is thrifted. This is my favorite knitting chair.

A very cool distressed brass lamp with a marble base. I added the drum shade. This lamp sits in our livingroom and gives a cozy glow to the room at night.

I needed a tray to sit atop my ottoman in the livingroom. A sturdy place to set my coffee or tea. I loved this. It is about 10x13 inches and has just the right amount of "well-loved" wear on it.

My most favorite find was sitting outside St Vincent's thrift store in a shopping cart marked "free". Maybe they had no idea what it was, or thought nobody would want to clean it up. It is the most beautiful, old, well loved, huge dough bowl. I can just imagine the hands of the mamas that have kneaded dough for their families in this bowl. By the looks of it, it has seen a lot of love.

Honestly, a major portion of the items I own are thrifted. It's just the way we do things. Apart from the everyday items that I thrift, I love finding those special items that I consider treasures. I am much less into thrifting-for-sport as I used to be. These days not much comes home with me unless it is needed. I really enjoy those treasures that I have found in the past though. And you never know what I'll find in the future. :~)

Have a blessed and thrifty Tuesday, Tami


  1. Every single one of your thrifts is something I would love :) You've got a creative eye!

  2. I agree with the above comment. Your imagination leaks through on every description you mentioned here.

    So awesome to see you loving to create with what you've got!

    Blessed Tuesday to you, too!

  3. Love your treasures! The bowl could be my favorite. But I do like that tray, too. ;) Isn't there something deeply satisfying about thrifty? It goes to the very heart of intentional living.