Tuesday, April 24, 2012

edible landscaping

We are focused this Spring on increasing the amount of edible landscaping we have.
Last week, I planted a 4-in-1 semi-dwarf pear tree. I love this combo tree, because it is self pollinating. It is small but will produce lovely fruit for us in a few years. I would also like to plant two columnar apple trees near our kitchen patio, and maybe another dwarf fruit tree of some kind. We have a young 3-in-1 espalier apple tree and an ancient Italian plum tree in the yard already.
I have been trying to find shade tolerating berries for our front yard. We have a wonderful little local nursery that carries mostly native plants and trees, as well as local organic seed. So far, I am planning Evergreen Huckleberry, Red Huckleberry, Wintergreen, and Red Currant. These are all native to our area and should do really well. I have also heard that Hazelnuts do well here, I would really like having those. I would like to take up quite a bit of the grass in our front yard, it doesn't grow well anyway and will make for a more interesting yard. We'll see if I can get the Mister to play along. :~)
I have been wanting to try something called Poly-Culturing. This is where you scatter 6 or so types of specific seed in a smallish area, and just see what happens. The plants need to be beneficial for each other to make it work. As the season progresses seedlings are added to fill in the gaps and successive planting is also used to prolong harvest. I first heard of this is a book called Gaia's Garden. I'll need to read more about it, then I'll give it a go!

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. your garden looks lovely! We have two raised beds that we built last year. We are talking about making more...maybe!

  2. Beautiful photos! I've never done espalier before ... yours is turning out wonderfully.

  3. My friend just put in a dwarf peach. I love the idea of the edible landscaping, too. A great book that speaks to this and permaculture is "Urban Homesteading" by K. Ruby Blume and Rachel Kaplan. They also embrace 'one thing' and bring it all down to a very doable level...starting right where you are. I have checked the book out of the library twice now so think it might be time to invest in my own copy!