Monday, April 9, 2012


{the leftovers from our massive pizza}
We had the most glorious sunny weekend. Spring has finally arrived here in the PNW.
I had a wonderful day on Friday, and as I requested, we ate at our favorite pizza place, Sorelli's. Next up was warmed peach pie with French vanilla ice cream for dessert.......Yum. Oh, and did I mention chocolate ?.....and lots of it. The good stuff.
We spent most of the weekend outdoors (hello baseball games). Sunday we welcomed family for Easter brunch. It is our tradition to host Easter each year. There is usually 20 or so including my parents, my brother and sister, and their families. The menu nearly always looks the same and is an indulgence. Sausage Breakfast Casserole, Cheesy Potatoes, Orange Rolls, Strawberry Romaine Salad, and my mom's famous Oatmeal Cake for dessert. Oh man, did we ever enjoy!

We spent a good amount of time in the yard on Sunday afternoon. I moved 3 small blueberry plants to this little garden. I am hoping that they like it better than being chomped on by hungry chickens :~)
My rhubarb is coming up nicely, and the snow peas are peeking out of the ground by the trellis. This little spot will be much prettier when it fills in.
The chicken garden is coming along, we are going to plant a semi-dwarf pear tree with 4 varieties grafted onto one tree. This will provide shade for them and fruit for us! Yes.
My kitchen garden will be quiet for several more weeks until the weather warms up. I can't wait. The only things that I have planted so far are Yukon Gold potatoes, lettuce, and snow peas.

Have a blessed Monday! Tami


  1. Yummm...your menu sounds wonderful. We are putting in rhubarb this year for the first time ~ yours looks nice and healthy!

  2. Everything you are growing in your garden I love to eat :)