Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Journal

We have joined so many of you in keeping a Thanksgiving journal.
A treasured place to chronicle the things we are thankful for.

I found this wonderful vintage leather binder at a thrift store. It still has the yellowed notebook pages in it. I embellished and distressed the cover a little bit and am using the original papers on the inside. I strengthened the lined paper with cardstock so we can enjoy the pages for years and years.

I used the hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" as my first page and then wrote down what each person is thankful for on the next 2 pages. The next pages house a few special photos. I am sure that I will change the format and design each year. As my younger children begin to write, it will be so special to see how their handwriting changes over the years.

I get all giddy about looking back over the years at everybody's answers. I pray that this will become a treasures heirloom.

I hope and pray you had a very wonderful Monday.

In God's Love,Tami


  1. Tami,
    This is sooo cool. Not only will you enjoy this for years, but your kids are learning thankfulness from an excellent teacher.

  2. Love the binder! I love building memories too.

  3. hi, it's wonderful! what a great idea. this Christmas I'm spending it with my parents. it's been 13 years. i'm going to do a Christmas journal.


  4. Hi Tami,
    This is one of the ideas that I'm working on too...maybe to use all year.

    Would you be interested in posting about the art drawing quilt from a few weeks ago? I'm especially interested in how you transfered the drawing from paper to fabric. These would be great gifts for other mommy friends - if the process isn't too difficult. I would appreciate any advice you can give.

  5. Thank you for the sweet comments ladies.

    Paula- I commented on your blog for you to email me and I will give you the details. Blessings, Tami

    Have a blessed night, Tami

  6. Hi Tami, I love your journal idea! I have just the photo album for it! I will post when I am done ok? Love, your friend, Carrie.