Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Unveiling

Most of my energy this last month has been put toward making gifts for my 3 kiddos that have November birthdays.
We are a homemade-with-love kind of family. I am always challenged to make something that they will enjoy and that is useful. We love making toys that provide open ended play for lots of merry-making.
So here it goes, a pictorial guide of all the makings of this month.

This is Sara. My sweet daughter is simply in love with her newest friend. She is a cloth doll, made mostly with materials I had hanging around.

My dear husband made this beautiful doll bed and I made the bedding. You can't tell but I used a vintage linen fingertip towel for the front of the dolls quilt. The linen has the most beautiful and delicate embroidery on it.

This is the quilt I made for my oldest son. I saved old cotton shirts, denim, flannel sheets and shirts, and cotton pillow cases for quite awhile. I used a washable wool blanket for the batting and a *so* soft flannel sheet for the backing. It is quite lofty and snuggly and is keeping my sweet son so warm at night.

My middle little guy could only think of one thing he wanted.......A knight's costume. I had to buy the helmet, but was able to make the tunic and cape. He was *so* excited.

Here is the finished mini art quilt I did a few weeks ago. I have it hanging in one of my favorite areas of our home. The kid's art corner. They have each contributed a creation or two. And love to see their art hanging proudly.

I was so happy to see their excited faces as they each opened their gifts. I really do enjoy making gifts for my family.

As our birthday season closes, the holiday season begins. I'll take a little break and then dive back into gift making.

I pray that you all had a wonderful and joyous Monday. I am relaxing today and enjoying having my children home.

In God's Love, Tami


  1. Oh, Tami-- those are *beautiful* gifts. The doll is precious! (Is it a Waldorf doll?) So pretty. And your husband did a GREAT job on the bed, too. And the doll blanket... so sweet. And the quilt?! Oh, I am jealous that you are able to do that and do it so beautifully! (It is one of my dreams someday to make quilts for each of my kids' beds.) And the costume? So fun! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi!

    I love the gifts you made for your children! I can imagine their delight in opening these special gifts. :-)

    I found your blog through Jenny's blog. Oh, by the way, my family lives in upstate Washington (I'm in Ohio) and I just love the Pacific Northwest. It's so beautiful there.


  3. Tami you have done a wonderful, wonderful job of everything. I know your children will treasure the memories of your gifts forever.

  4. Thank you all for the very nice comments.
    Stacy-No it's not a Waldorf doll, but I do love them so. Little Jenny Wren makes the most beautiful Steiner/Waldorf dolls.

    Karen- We are about 20 minutes NE of Downtown Seattle. Thanks for visiting.

    Jenny-Thank you so much for coming by.I have been thinking on Jewels today, having heard from her also. What wonderful news on their house sale.Blessings.

    Have a great night, Tami

  5. Wow....those are so great. The doll is adorable. I loved the art corner too. How often do you change the art? What part of your house is it hanging?
    Home-made gifts are such good ideas and mean so much more.

  6. Mrs M.
    Hello :~)
    The art corner is on our dining room/library/homeschool room. I don't really rotate the art much, but we do add to it. Blessings, Tami

  7. Hello Tami,
    Those gifts are just so sweet! Such treasured memories for years to come...Have a blessed day, Tami.
    Love, Carrie.

  8. Tami, these are all wonderful! You've not only created beautiful presents, but precious memories to last a lifetime!

  9. Oh, the sweet love you have just given to your children. These are the gifts that are not forgotten. Your time, your thoughtfulness, your resourcefulness, your creativity, boxed and opened with joy. Beautiful!