Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finding My Groove

This is the view from *my* chair. I have spent a lot of time here lately thinking.
Homeschooling is the ultimate in answered prayers, and I am slowly finding my groove.
There are so many things to consider, and if you have a right-brained learner like I do, you've got to get creative.
Truly, I am loving every second of this new adventure before us. I am constantly aware of my own "programming" towards education and am learning a new way. We are striving to provide a more natural approach to learning through truly *living* our learning experiences.
Thank you all so much for the encouraging comments since I announced that we are homeschooling. It means so much to have support and encouragement.
We have been so busy this week and I look forward to some wonderful relaxation this weekend.
The local historical society is hosting a holiday tea on Sunday afternoon, and I am going to get all dressed up and take my darling little daughter to it. She is so excited to spend the afternoon doing "girly" stuff.
I hope and pray that you all have a blessed and productive Friday and a restful weekend.
In God's Love, Tami


  1. Not sure where I missed it....but congrats on the homeschool decision.It is definately a process to find what works best for your kiddos and family. This is my third year and I am making some significant changes to our approach. It is an ever evolving process.
    Thinking in front of the fire place sounds so warm and inviting. A good cup of coffee...a pretty notebook to write your thoughts.... can I come over?

  2. Yes, Tami, I am so very excited for you! I pray that the transition is smooth and that God grants you abundant wisdom and unusual insight into your childrens lives...Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, ((Tami)) Love, Carrie.