Monday, March 12, 2012

meaningful writing

I recently put together a hardback copy of my blog writings from 2007-2009. I love looking back through some of my old posts, it gives me a great sense of what season of life I was in. I stopped writing for most of 2010-2011, mainly because my motivation for blogging became unclear, and frankly I was uninspired to do so. I had gotten so much of what I wanted to say "out there", so to speak. I wrote about some very personal thoughts and philosophies, and about the general dailiness of our lives. I was also experimenting with my writing style. I had never done that type of writing, so it took me awhile to find my groove. It's a little uncomfortable to look back and see words or phrases I used that are absent from my writing now, as my own style has emerged. Reading my older posts is like taking a look in the mirror, and seeing a different person. I have grown. I have learned. I have changed over the last 5 years. I am a little sad that during my blogging break, I missed out on documenting some of those changes. In photos and words, this blog documents my life and the lives of my family. This is meaningful writing to me. I question sometimes whether anybody cares what I did today, or how many chickens I have, or what we ate for dinner. I have to remember that in the years to come, my writings will serve as a reminder of this season of life, and to provide details that might otherwise have been forgotten. My children will have a living record of our days as a family, something I don't have from my childhood, and frankly I don't much remember. When we don't write these things down they get lost.
So I will carry on writing about bread, and chickens, and kids knowing that my motivation for blogging is to preserve this precious dailiness and these little details of our life together. So while my writings might not always be deeply moving or thought provoking, they are important.
Knowing that time passes way too quickly, I will remember to write it down, and I am sure that my kids will be thankful for it when they're grown.

Have a blessed day, Tami

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  1. LOVE this post. And yes, please do keep writing about chickens, bread, family and storage jars! It's those things and your intentional approach that make them so important. I'm learning so much from you in the short time that I've been following your blog and have shared your blogs with sisters and daughters (who are all trying to get to what we are all striving for...simpler, gentler, intentinal life!) Some of which I am acting on 'now' other ideas are going into my book of things down the line ;)
    You're writing style is lovely and will only continue to grow with each posting. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your world and teaching some Very Important Things! Blessings!