Tuesday, March 27, 2012

real food

my favorite chocolate bar - it does say all natural :~) 

As I get older, my body is less tolerant of what I eat. I would consider myself above average in the healthy eating department, but there are certain times of the year (Christmas) that I fall into the habit of eating a lot of sweets. It takes me months to get back on track, and then my birthday hits (April). I indulge in a few pieces of cake, a few meals out, and so on. I love the social aspect of food. I usually save my indulgences for get togethers or celebrations. I struggle to balance eating the way that makes me feel the best, and joining in when we are out or in social eating situations. I don't want to be that person that is so rigid that I don't enjoy myself at gatherings because I am thinking too much about the food. On the other hand, I almost always feel yucky the next day. I just don't feel good when I eat a lot of refined foods, or salt, or sugar. Maybe I need an attitude adjustment regarding food, even in social situations. This whole pep talk I am giving myself right now is because my birthday is coming up and I have all of these wonderful treats planned.....my very favorite pizza, perhaps a little pie......
I have a decent amount of will power and use it most of the time to stay on track health-wise.

Feeling good is a strong motivator also.
I feel the very best when I am eating real food.

What works best for me is a semi-vegetarian diet, with modest amounts of dairy in the form of yogurt, eggs, nuts, and bits of meat/poultry for protein, healthy fats, whole grains, and lots of whole fruits and vegetables. I drink mainly water, coffee, and tea. Right now I am getting off caffeine (again). My body really doesn't like caffeine. I love to eat in season, and stay away from processed sweeteners. I really like Stevia when I need a little sweetness.
Now that I have put this recipe for feeling good down in writing, I should probably refer to it often. It really does make a difference in my quality of life.
I will take April to get myself back on track. When the sun comes out that will give me an extra boost of energy and wellness too.
Have a healthy and blessed day, Tami

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  1. Are you my twin? I can only drink half decaf in the A.M. Vegetarian a couple of times a day (on the other days it's chicken or fish). Very limited dairy....The more vegetables and fruits I eat the happier my body is......why do I eat the sweets then???