Monday, March 26, 2012


Another weeekend full of baseball. The weather cooperated beautifully. What a treat.
We also squeezed in a date night (Chipotle and The Hunger Games), yard work, a couple of yummy meals, a little tidying up, and a birthday party.
I have been reading Free Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom and The Quarter-Acre Farm by Spring Warren. I find myself wanting to take copious notes from both of these books. Such great information. Both of these books were available from our local library. Score.
No-Spend March is winding down. I have found it to be a great success. We had a few unexpected repairs to pay for, but countered them by selling a few things on Craigslist. Yes.
I accidentally made Ricotta cheese! I had a batch of yogurt fail (a first) - when I heated it back up again to re-culture it, the whey separated and the curds curdled! Voila Ricotta. I finished straining it, salted it a bit, and used it to make Pasta Lasagna. What a happy mistake.
I have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. What a fun app. I don't have much use for my Iphone, but this is fun.

Have a blessed Monday,


  1. Love the first photo and Mario looks mighty!! Glad you had a successful no spend month. I'm sure you will be a different spender in April because of it.

  2. I hopped over here via pumpkin sunrise. I keep hoping to win the lottery so we can buy a farm, lol. I'd love to raise chickens and other small animals, just for eggs and milk. Love your blog.