Thursday, June 7, 2012

being inspired

I love this wallet. And this planner. Debbie of Homespun Living is so talented and I love her blog.

There are so many talented people out there, people that make up the ideas that inspire the rest of us. I am constantly inspired, and so thankful for it. It makes my creative life so much more interesting.

I love being inspired by food. It can get a little mundane in the kitchen cooking for a family. My family appreciates it when I come up with new ideas for meals and snacks especially.
I am constantly in awe of knitters that can come up with their own patterns. I would love to be a knitted pattern designer, what a cool job that would be. I can never leave well enough alone, and always sneak in modifications when I am knitting. It is the pattern-designer-wannabe in me.

Necessity happens to be the best inspiration in my house. If we need it, I'd like to come about it in a non-conventional, ingenious, eco-conscious, and resourceful way. Waste Not, Want Not - as they say.

What is NOT inspiring me right now. The rain. ;~)

Have a blessed day. Tami


  1. Very nice envelope system to have! And I do love the words by Theodore Roosevelt. Feel like if we could acknowledge those words every day we would make the most of those days, knowing we are right where we are...doing what we are meant to be doing! Happy Thursday and sending positive thoughts of sunshine to you!

  2. Thanks Tami, so very sweet of you!