Monday, June 18, 2012

vintage goodness

Spending all last week volunteering at church, I was the first to dive into the treasures that were being sorted for our annual rummage sale.
At this point in my decluttered existence, I only see fit to bring home very practical treasures. A tray, scissors, and a colander. Utilitarian for sure, but oh so vintage.
A sure cure for the most dedicated junk collector, is to sort and price the amount of discarded clutter we went through. It is always worth it in the end, raising money for so many worthwhile charities. Volunteering for this each year keeps me in check. The week ended with a deep thankfulness that I no longer collect. I spent too long getting rid of the stuff to let it creep back in now.
The few items that I brought home will be put to good use.

Only 5 more days of school for my kiddos!
I cannot wait.

Have a blessed Monday, Tami


  1. Love the rose tray you found! It reminds me of my gram who I loved dearly. Yay to five days left!!!!

  2. I had similar thoughts when I saw the rose tray! Brought me back to the black trays my grandmother had with the beautiful flowers painted on them. Good memories.