Thursday, June 21, 2012

my week

I tried the pizza dough recipe with whole wheat white flour. It was edible, but just not the same. My hubby thinks I should just accept the fact that all purpose flour is the only way to go in pizza dough. I am feeling like he may be right, because any time I try WW flour for pizza it is just too bread-y. It was worth a try for sure. Maybe I can do half & half next time and see if that helps.

My rhubarb is going to good use. I am going to make a yummy rhubarb coffee cake next.

The one up side to the weather around here is, we are getting some beautiful rainbows. Yah, I know, there is no up side to constant rain and gray skies in June.

The kids are done with school tomorrow. It is a half day. After they walk home, we are going for a little treat at the local donut house. I can hardly wait.

Have a blessed Thursday, Tami


  1. Goodness, I love donuts!! I wish they were healthy. I am not a fan of whole wheat bread. So white is all that I make when I make it.

  2. I would love to have rain every day in June! :) And the pizza LOOKS yummy anyway. Makes me hungry!