Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tea Cozy

I knit a new tea cozy. With all of the rain last week, I spent some time on the couch knitting and watching the first season of Downton Abbey, a movie called Land Girls, and Housewife, 49. All good period stuff.
I have knit this particular cozy pattern before, but this time omitted the knitted leaves. I love the picot hem. The cozy is for my biggest teapot, the one I use most often. I thrifted it about a year ago, I am pretty sure it is from the 1940's. I can brew a pot in the morning and it lasts all day long. Love.
Still no sign of the sun.
I guess I will have to spend some more time being cozied up on the couch, darn. I bet I can whip up a few knitted washcloths. I also want to find a cute Aran vest pattern.
If it's not raining cats & dogs, my kids are sure to be outside most of the day. They come in to be fed and watered, that's about it. As soon as we get better weather, I am anxious to get to the beach.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. Beautiful! I love the picot edging around the bottom :)

  2. Oh, such a lovely tea cozy! I have had tea cozy's (?) on my mind for months...but will need to crochet mine. I am taking this as a sign it's time! Rainy weather is wonderful for yarn, and baking and movies, don't you think?! Oh, yes...and the garden!

  3. Beautiful tea cozy! Funny how the weather can be so drastically different. We are expecting tempts. in the hundreds this week! Lots of hot, sunny, dry weather around these parts!

  4. We've been sunny & dry, if you'd like to send us a little rain, my garden could use it :)
    Love the tea cozy!

  5. It's beautiful!!! You did a lovely job with it!!