Wednesday, June 27, 2012

just maybe

As I sit here typing, I can see the sun starting to break through the morning clouds and make it's way through the very lush tree outside my window. Can it possibly be.....

It feels like we have been waiting so long for summer to come. The wet spring and summer that we are having will certainly have an effect on our short growing season. We will see won't we. Maybe this is the start of outrageously beautiful weather, and all of the rain has given the plants such a glorious start, that we will have the biggest harvest. A girl can dream.
Onto really good news. Rainier cherries are here. They are my favorite. We ate a big bowl of them. It was heaven.

We are heading out Friday morning for a little annual camping trip with friends. At this particular park, we camp in yurts. We love yurt camping! When we arrive, it's like having 2 hours of the work already done for you. The rest of the experience is very much traditional camping, with eating and cooking outside, outhouses, mosquitoes, big bonfires. You know, the good stuff. I can't wait.

We only have two camping trips planned this summer. I feel like there just isn't any time for more. Kane will be leaving in mid-July for a 2 week long mission trip to New Orleans. That is a really big deal and such a great opportunity. Gage starts football practice 5 nights a week during August, so we are stuck around here after that. It makes the summer break go so fast. Blink, and school will be starting. Each year seems to pass more quickly than the last.

We are truly excited to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary at the end of August. We are planning a big family and friends party in mid-August. This will be the highlight of our summer. Well, maybe not for the kids, but definitely for Eric and I. :~)

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. i just recently found your blog. I enjoy what you share. The sun is shining today - thank goodness!!

  2. Have a wonderful time camping! We leave on Tuesday (no yurts but a bare-bone cabin!) Enjoy!

  3. I will be celebrating 25 years at the end of August! I agree that summer flies by. I hope you have fab weather while camping with your family and friends!!

  4. I love that photo of the cherries.
    And...Happy Anniversary! So good to have a solid marriage that lasts through the years. Congrats.