Thursday, July 19, 2012

bits & bobs

{I love a spiffy kitchen}

{dust bath alley}

{kid-photo of some very exciting clothespins}

{the lego boy also loves dominoes}

{the raspberries are flying in everyday}

{anya playing with my hair, she was so excitoed to take a pic.....}

{more lego love around here}

Bits from our week.
The kids hijacked the camera, a few random photos from that fun.
We are off to swim, because summer seems to be sticking around. Yes.
I am looking forward to something easy for dinner.
Overall, a super relaxing week around here.

Have a blessed and sunshine filled day, Tami


  1. Love your kitchen! It is so spacious!

  2. yes, me too - more pics of your kitchen please :)

    1. More pics of the kitchen might be fun. I especially love to be in there during the summer months when the light is beautiful. I am really liking the changes we made. I love having the table be the center of gathering and meals. It feels homier and more welcoming to me now. Blessings!

  3. You have a great kitchen...looks lovely. Your kids are pretty creative with their pictures. Enjoy your Friday!