Monday, July 2, 2012


{can you see their little friend ? snake}

{beautiful wildflower bouquet}

{we love, love, love yurts!}

{popcorn for breakfast - yum!}

We had a great time camping last weekend. We were joined by our best neighbor friends. There are 7 kiddos between us. These kids are more like family than just friends. Our children have lived next to one another all of their lives. We think that is pretty awesome.

The weather was in this strange cycle where it would pour rain for about 15 minutes, and then get really muggy and warm. It was like clockwork. It made for a soggy but warm trip. I was just happy that it was warm. Cold and wet would have been unbearable.

If you have never camped in a yurt, you should try it. It saves time and space, because we are hauling around less gear. As it is, we usually have to take 2 vehicles. We are a little less crowded on the drive without a giant tent and air mattress crammed into the van. I like that.

We found this wonderful little swimming hole for the kids. (I think it was actually just a giant puddle from all the rain) :~)  It was a ways down the trail and we felt like we had discovered our own little slice of heaven. It made me think of Little House on the Prairie, it seems like they always had a swimming hole. We were so happy to spend many hours there just hanging out. I found wildflowers growing in patches and beautiful little pebbles to sort through. I think that was my favorite part of the trip. I don't have a single picture of it, my camera was left back at camp. Bummer. 

We had a morning campfire on Sunday. I love a good campfire all day long. It makes me feel cozy just thinking about it. We sure did smell of campfire though. My knitting basket will have to be seriously aired out.

Campfires, Chai tea, knitting, and good friends. My weekend was fab. We get to do it all again in a week or so. This time we are trying out some little cabins on a lake.

Have a blessed Monday, Tami

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  1. I think it's wonderful that your neighbors are such close friends, something to treasure. I love campfires but not the smell. I'm sure your knitting will air out super fast!