Tuesday, July 31, 2012


If asked to choose my favorite spot in my home, it would be the middle of my kitchen. My harvest table, precisely. That table represents so much more than a piece of furniture. It is the center of family life. A place to gather and share a meal together. A place to have tea and talk with a friend. A place for me to prepare food to nourish a growing family.
Before we reworked the layout of our kitchen, we had a lovely corner banquet....that I hated to sit at. We ate our meals there, period. If company was over I would quickly usher them out of the kitchen, tea in hand, to a comfier spot in the livingroom. I hated it. I wanted my kitchen to be a place to linger, to enjoy, and to gather. The key to that for me? A big old table in the middle of my floor. I knew in my heart that when we made the changes to the kitchen, it would make a huge difference in how I felt about the room. It did.

The table we have might not be my dream table, but it is big and solid, and it is where I need it to be.
I try to keep it cleared off and ready for a meal, but through the course of a day it becomes many things. A bread kneading surface, a laundry table, a desk, a grocery staging area, and so on.
I was inspired to write about this, after reading what Soulemama wrote about her table. I hope that she makes it a regular feature. I just might join in.
Have a blessed day! Tami


  1. I love that table of yours! And I love that it has made your kitchen what you need/want it to be. The kitchen has always been my favorite spot in the house, regardless of where I have lived. It really is the 'hub' ~ everything seems to flow from that room. I am heading over to Soule Mama now to check out her post. Hey...and kudos for the clean table...you rock!

  2. how can that NOT be your dream table?
    Our is very similar ....but not quite as clean and nice looking as yours.