Monday, July 23, 2012

messy monday

This morning I spent a good bit of time exercising my "mend and make-do" mantra. I woke up to tiny clumps of down feathers all over the place. When I took the duvet cover off the down comforter, it was just like in the movies, when the end of a pillow fight is a mass of feathers floating everywhere. What a mess. A great opportunity though to spend some time with thread and needle mending about 50 (thousand) little holes AND ONE BIG ONE.
All is well now, and I have freshly laundered bedding and a vacuumed carpet in the bedroom. Love that.

What a way to start the week.

The weather is gray and cold. I appreciate the rain, it means I don't have to water the garden, and I like that. My plants are exploding. They like the rain followed by a few days of heat and sun.

Kane gets home tomorrow night from New Orleans. I have missed that boy so much. I hear that he has been existing solely on Po'Boy sandwiches and Snowballs. Nice.
It has been really hot for them, but it sounds like he is having a great time.

My chickens are taking turns being broody. It's Henny's turn this time. Every time I open the nesting box door, she screams at me. Oh, she is a fun one.

I am almost finished knitting a sweater I started last week. The design is a simple raglan sleeve, top-down, v-neck cardigan. I used a bulky yarn in a beautiful peacock blue color. I am sure hoping that the yarn softens up when I wash it. It is pretty itchy right now. I will wear it anyway, the color is just too wonderful not to.

That's about all for today. We are taking it slow and easy. We have been doing too much running lately. I need a day at home to relax. Today would be a great baking day. Yes.

Have a blessed Monday, Tami


  1. I don't really enjoy mending projects, but am always pleased when I have "made-do" with something that would otherwise have been thrown out. Glad you are having a relaxing Monday. We had some rain on Saturday but it is hot and sunny again today here in Phoenix so your "gray and cold" weather actually sounds really nice. Have a great Tuesday.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day all-in-all. Well, maybe not the waking up to feathers everywhere! But the rest sounds practically perfect! We all need an at-home day once in a while to regroup and relax from the hurrying about. Happy homecoming tonight!