Monday, August 6, 2012

books + baking

One of our very favorite storybooks is called The Seven Silly Eaters. I have a fondness for books that feature large families living happily amongst some measure of chaos. Makes me feel right at home. :~)

Rafe decided the other day that we should replicate the cake those picky Peters' made for their tired Mama. I searched for a recipe as a base, and we customized it from there.

Voila! The very special pink and plump and perfect cake. Not quite as plump as Rafe would have liked, but I assured him that in real life cakes are never *that* plump.....LOL.

I sure am enjoying these days with my kids. We have a month now before they are back in school. It will fly by for sure.

Have a truly blessed day! Tami


  1. Looks delicious and it would disappear in our house in ONE day!

  2. Oh, wonderful! We read BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL this weekend but my four, soon to be five, year old grandson told me it wasn't really necessary to make jam with the blueberries we are going to pick this week...that it was "only a book, Nana" I am going to have to show him this beautiful cake! :)

  3. love the pink cake, I made a triple layered pink coconut for my daughters 6th birthday....

    I will miss Summer too.