Tuesday, August 14, 2012

face forward

My stitches are out and my incision is healed.
I will admit that I was totally unprepared for the size of the incision.
I was unprepared that I will have a line running down my face for a year (or more).
I was unprepared that I might always have a line running down my face.
It's not that the doctor didn't prepare me. I didn't ask.
I didn't really want to know. What difference would it have made?
I still needed to have the cancer removed.
It was better for me not to know.
My struggle is not really about the scar, it's about the change.
As each day passes I grow accustomed to the change, and it becomes more okay.
I accept a new normal.

Life is like that. Constantly changing.
This little change on the outside has changed me on the inside.
Giving up control and accepting life changes help me surrender more fully to the path God has planned for me. It all comes together for good.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. I am positive that it will fade-and they do make make up you could slather on if that is important. You look pretty!! It is a sign of how lucky you are that it was found and removed.