Tuesday, August 28, 2012




A few pictures of us over the years.
We look so young on our wedding day, and we were.
I was 21, and Eric was 25.
I am so glad that we went for it.
We knew each other 3 months when we became engaged.
We knew each other 8 months when we wed.
All we knew is that we were so in love, and nothing was going to change that.
And nothing has.
We have ridden each wave through this life of ours, and we are skilled now. We know that more waves will come. We will gladly ride the highs and lows accepting them, and growing even stronger for it.
"Marriage is choosing someone again and again

to love and to cherish with each new dawn."

- Anonymous
Happy 20th Anniversary my love.
I am so glad that we have continued to choose each other over the years.
Always and Forever, Tami


  1. Congratulations! You are definitely in for the "long haul." Love your pictures through years. I was also a young bride...only 19 and hubby was 23 and that has worked out too. Enjoy a wonderful anniversary and the rest of your week!

  2. Happy anniversary!! You are a cute couple, then and now :)

  3. congrats! that is quite the achievement these days.